I’ve been getting some DM’s on Twitter asking who I am, where I came from and how I’ve been so successful. So, I figured I’d give you a little background of myself.

Born in raised in a suburb of Boston, sports have been partner of my 36 year life. An ex-player of football, basketball and baseball and college football player (D1-AA) at CCSU In Connecticut, I’ve always had a love and understanding of sports. I don’t do this full time, but it is a passion for me and I take it very seriously. I’ll never forget watching my dad and older brothers looking at the paper to get that day lined and call up their bookie on the house phone to place bets. Man, back in the day there was no twitter, technology or bullshit. If you made a bet, you paid or got paid every week.

Then I placed my first wager. 18 years old in college I think it was on the Red Sox for $50. I had $65 in my account and figured if I lost I could still go buy a couple beers and burgers from the dollar menu. It won, I bought beers and sprung for the meal at the corner Wendy’s and it was over from there. I remember my best streak in college was when I hit for about $2k and took all my buddies to the 18+ strip club and we had a night!

Ever since then, I’ve had my ups and downs like anyone else but I’ve had some major runs. I find myself getting paid by the bookie much more than paying him and he’s actually limited me to $500 per bet and $5000 max payout per week. I’ve had locals, offshore and even Twitter bookies (don’t do this!) but never ever have gone out of my limits. I have a separate account for my gambling funds and it is probably the most important part of gambling.

I bet MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and college sports and if you want to chat feel free to dm me on twitter or email me. Always glad to share knowledge!

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